New Moon, Bits and Pieces, Wild Side and Ocean

I didn’t get into my studio till late this afternoon.  It was already starting to get dark out.  I lit the candle on my altar and put on Bruce Cockburn ‘s Christmas record.

I knew the titles of the last three quilts for Ellen.

I worked backwards from the last quilt I made to the first. Ocean, Wild Side, Bits and Pieces.  

Still not sure of the name of the first quilt, I hung it on my wall and let the name come as I worked on labeling, cleaning the quilts of stray threads, tying on a Full Moon Fiber Art tag then bagging them.

The name of the first quilt came to me as I knew it would.  New Moon. The quilt had the night sky in it and felt like a landscape to me.  The landscape under a new moon.

Tomorrow morning I’ll drive the half hour to  Ellen’s house, where we’ll have a late breakfast and she’ll see the quilts in person for the first time.

The four quilts.

7 thoughts on “New Moon, Bits and Pieces, Wild Side and Ocean

  1. Labels ! Yay! I love them ! You could have professionally made labels. I remember mentioning this to you way way back. Your work is going to be worth so much some day. It will be handed down through generations of loving owners. I look at my night sky glasses case every night before I read. My Sparky bag is my file folder for my pony business. I’m sure many others cherish your work as I do. Labels !

  2. Hi Maria-I just put two + two together and believe I knew Ellen’s family years ago when I began working at my local Library-is she originally from Edwardsville IL? Just curious! Thanks!

    1. I don’t know where She’s from originally Theresa. That would be one of the those wild things though, if it is her. You can look her and her books up on line, you might be able to tell that way. I’m also posting a picture of her on my blog today. Maybe you’ll recognize her.

  3. Hi Maria, As my Mom used to say, “well that’s a good job done!” – and I concur, they’re beautiful and a lot of work, kudos to you! And I’d like to wish you and Jon and all your critters a very Merry Christmas!


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