Snowy Christmas Morning

Fanny and Lulu only came out of the barn once I put the hay in the feeder. I shoved a path around the Chicken coop, but I know the hens won’t be coming out today. The cats are spending the morning in the basement.    I refilled the bird feeders  while Jon cleaned off the cars and raked the roof of the house and barn.

We made many paths in the snow.  I think it’s going to be around a while, the temperature is supposed to drop way below freezing for the next couple of weeks.

I’ll have to use snow shoes to walk in the woods and I think Gus will be able to follow in my foot steps. He was already doing that this morning, using my foot prints in the snow like stepping-stones, hopping form one to the next.

4 thoughts on “Snowy Christmas Morning

  1. fates eyes..the body language of the two. I’m surprised they were still long enough for you to get a pic. lol
    best friends zooming around..happy happy joy joy!!

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