Getting Back to Work


Fate in front of my studio this evening

I’m slow getting back to my studio and back to work.   This afternoon I went into my studio to clean up the fabrics strewn over my floor from working on Ellen’s quilts.

I did get it cleaned up while listening to a B.B. King and Eric Clapton record that I’ve never heard before.   I started a drawing too. I didn’t plan that, it just came.  Drawing is a good way to get me going again.  To get my hands working and that usually sparks something else in me.

After working with colors and shapes for the past month,  I want to work with some recognizable images.

At 4:30 when it started to get dark, I found myself flagging.

I’m taking it slow, I know I’ll be back to my regular work schedule soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Work

  1. When I’m a little overtired, weary from the bigness and beauty of a Christmas celebration that also included a personal Christmas Miracle and Reunion…I turn to your page for an uplift and inspiration. I am saving your evocative photo for future days, when I need a bit of a prodding to return to MY work, my music. The lighting is brilliant.
    Thank you, Maria. Blessings for 2018!

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