Snowshoeing Over The Gulley Bridge

Fate crossing the Gulley Bridge this morning

I finally got out for that snowshoe walk this morning. It was cold,  the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

The Gulley bridge was covered in snow with a single set of deer tracks going over it.  The river on either side of it frozen, with a quiet trickle of water bubbling beneath the ice.

The woods were welcoming and I  noticed I was playing a kind of dot-to-dot with the landmarks that make a trail for me.

Over the break in the stone wall, to the bench by the small waterfall, past the big oak, then over to the Old Walnut tree where, when I look way up it I can see the sky framed by the hole in it.

After that I go over another stone wall (again where the rocks have tumbled from the animals who pass through it) and either make my way back to the farm or deeper into he woods that belong to my neighbors.

Today Fate and I took the quick walk.  It did what I hoped,  clearing my head and warming me up, to help me get back to work.

The single set of deer tracks over the Gulley Bridge.

4 thoughts on “Snowshoeing Over The Gulley Bridge

  1. What a beautiful place to go for a walk. I love taking early morning walks in nature, while I don’t have access right outside my yard I do make it a point to go to the nearby nature trails or park that has a few wooded areas. I get my best thinking done and lots of inspiration while walking in the woods.

  2. Dear Maria, Thank you for all these great photos. You make the winter scene look inviting!! Quite a feat when it is below zero. I am so glad for your archives and just had a most delightful hour catching up on your blog. My favorites were your Christmas gathering for friends (and the link you provided to Jon’s hilarious post about your new-found domestic side!!)and the Belly Dancing celebration. YOU LOOK AMAZING IN YOUR BELLY DANCING OUTFIT!!! Thank you for sharing your Holidays with us!!Annie

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