Practicing Cold Studio Avoidance

Fanny this morning, with her frozen whiskers and eyebrows.

This morning I practiced Cold Studio Avoidance.

I straightened up the living room, washed the dishes(very slowly), did some laundry and sorted the recycling.

I can get very domestic when it’s 20 below out.

As a matter of fact, I’m still practicing, as I sit in front of the wood stove in the living room writing this.

I threw my coat over my  pajamas first thing this morning and ran out to turn on the heat in my studio.  But it doesn’t really warm up till the sun comes through the bank of windows on the south side. The people who built this old school-house, that is now my studio, were smart that way.

Well, I guess it’s time to get to work.

Although I do have to go to the post office and send off Mawulidi’s  carved Chicken and Birds and I know my car warms up quicker than my studio, so maybe I’ll keep practicing Cold Studio Avoidance for a little longer.


5 thoughts on “Practicing Cold Studio Avoidance

  1. HAHAHAHAH I think I will have to use your “I can get very domestic …” as a wall-hanging quote. Over here in the hills of central VT it hit only -12 … come on over! Warming hug, Mag

  2. love the post had me lol.
    here in DE its mid-twentys days with sunshine. nights are in the low teens. no snow thankfully.

  3. I love this post, it had me smiling and thinking oh gosh it’s 48 degrees here in Florida and I am wearing my wool socks to stay warm and wishing I was back in the northern states.

    1. Ah! And I felt kinda silly thinking about it when I read what Carol and Ed Gulley go through on their farm in this weather. Not that I don’t think of them on days like this, I do, but it really hit home when they came for dinner and were describing their day.

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