Lulu At The Gate

I never saw the donkeys with so much frost on their whiskers as I did this morning.  Lulu was looking for a carrot or alfalfa treat, but I didn’t have one.

Later I brought her one of each.

3 thoughts on “Lulu At The Gate

  1. The squeaky sound of your boots on the snow brought chills to me, even as I am snuggled in my house in frigid Indiana. It reminds me of ski trips, during which I would never complain about the cold! I said it is frigid here, but the temp is only zero. I know you might scoff at that, with your 20 below! Thanks for the wonderful walk out to the barn. I can never get enough of Fate’s earnest circles she runs around the sheep. She is so sweet.

    Happy New Year!

    1. I don’t scoff at any cold Susie. It’s all relative, there are plenty of people colder than me. I have a nice warm house to got to everyday. And I”m getting used to the temperatures. When the temperatures get up in the twenties, I’ll be really warm!

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