New Year’s Mantra, A Hug From The Universe


New Year’s Moon

My friend Athena gave me the cards for Christmas.

She makes and sells them.   A thick stack, two inches square, each with an affirming thought or saying.  They’ve been on my table when I keep my computer and yesterday they feel on the floor.

Of the whole bunch, four card landed face up.

I picked them up and read them one by one:

You are ready 

You are wise 

Your words make a difference

Create with abandon 

It was New Year’s Eve and I hadn’t thought much about it.  I’ve never been able to find meaning in the holiday.  For me It has always just emphasized my feeling of not belonging.

But as I read the cards, I knew they were my New Years Mantra.  Suddenly New Years had meaning for me like it never had before.

It was as if the Universe gave me a little hug, letting me know I was on the right track.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Mantra, A Hug From The Universe

  1. I LOVE THIS PHOTO OF YOUR HOUSE!! And the cards lined up this way seem like the PERFECT message for you, Maria. HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2018!! Annie

  2. Happy New Year, Love the photo of the moon. Isn’t it wonderful how the universe just knew what cards would speak to you best. It’s a great mantra.

  3. I would just say yes, these all are true. Especially true for you but something we all can embrace. Love the moon and smoke in the photo.

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