White Hen Ventures Out

I haven’t even bothered to open the chicken coop.  It’s too cold and the hens usually don’t come out when there’s snow on the ground.

But yesterday the sun was so warm, I left the door open.

The white hen immediately came out on the roost and hopped onto the ground.  I sprinkled some bird seed and by the time I got my iPhone out to take a picture the hen was heading back into the coop.

Even with feathers on her feet, it’s too cold for her.  Maybe the hens and Gus need booties.

4 thoughts on “White Hen Ventures Out

  1. This photo, with that big white fluffy bottom is too cute.

    I have seen photos of chickens wearing the chicken equivalent of knit gloves. I just can’t imagine what it took to get the chickens actually in them!

  2. Ha! Did you see my little sketch of a bird with toeless foot gloves? I guess I’ll work on some chicken leg warmers next 😉 and yes, it’s ridiculously cold.

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