Howling At The Wolf Moon

Last night’s full moon, The Wolf Moon, threw my and Fate’s shadows on the driveway early this morning.

No one heard me, but Fate, as I lifted my head and howled at the moon.

I couldn’t help myself, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to do.  Each howl felt better than the last, as they came from deeper inside me.  The last one all the way from the bottom of my belly.

It felt so good, I can’t imagine why I’ve never done it before.  I’ll be howling again on January 31 with the Blue Moon.


4 thoughts on “Howling At The Wolf Moon

  1. You weren’t alone, Maria. I howled too! I felt a wee bit embarrassed to write about it on my own blog as I did too. But then I realized who cares? And if I can inspire other women to let go and do the same….just think…there may be more of us howling on the 31st!

    1. Oh I love that Barbara! I’ll read what you wrote about it. Can you just see it, women all over the country coming out of their homes and howling at the moon!

  2. That reminds me of a snowy winter night walking in the moonlight with my 4 yeAr old granddaughter a few years ago. She loves wolves and we both spontaneously began howling at one point. She remembered it seeing the full wolf moon this weekend. So exhilarating!

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