Warming Up My Studio

I hauled the gray indoor/outdoor carpet, that I bought two years ago, out of the attic.

I didn’t need it last year, the winter never got too cold.  But with these low temperatures already in December and lasting at least another week, I decided it was time to take out the carpet.

Which of course made me clean up my studio just enough to get the carpet down.

The floor of my studio isn’t insulated so the icy air seeps up through the floor boards. Yesterday when I laid out my Circle of Women wall hanging on the floor to work on it (I do a lot of my work on the floor) I remembered the carpet, fondly.

After tacking the carpet down and vacuuming it (two years of attic dust) I was inspired, by some of the fabric that I moved when I cleaned, to start something new.

I didn’t think I’d be working on another quilt so quickly, but that just may be what I’m doing…..


2 thoughts on “Warming Up My Studio

  1. Loving your space! It’s inspiring me to do a tidying binge on mine-$thank you❤️
    Stay safe and warm in this unusual cold.

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