Cursing and Blessing My Sewing Machine


My “Cold Weather Quilt” That I’ve been working on the week.

fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou!  I yelled at my sewing machine when the bobbin thread got stuck for the millionth time.  I ripped the fabric from under the pressure foot, breaking the needle, and cutting my thumb on the automatic thread cutter, which lead to another round of fuckyou’s.

I don’t usually yell at my sewing machine this way.

It was not my finest moment.

The snow and cold and the constant interruptions they’ve been causing in the past days was getting to me.

And I took it out on my sewing machine.

It’s true the bobbin thread was getting jammed every time, it seemed, I started to sew.  But it’s also true that I was sewing lots of different types of fabrics together, I’m sure, throwing the tension off and causing all the trouble.

Another part of the problem was that I was impatient with the process.  I wanted to be further along on the quilt than I was.   Everything was just taking too long.

I have no doubt that my sewing machine picks up on my moods.

It happens all the time. If I’m sewing and my mind starts going to bad places, inevitably something goes wrong with my machine.  The bobbin jams, the thread breaks, the fabric slips, leaving an open seam.

I know this is true because once I get back in the creative zone, all these problems go away.  And if something does happen, it doesn’t bother me. I just fix it and keep sewing.

Today the bobbin thread started behaving after I placed the elephant in the quilt.   Once I figured out where he was supposed to be, things started to go quickly and smoothly.

Now I’m looking forward to getting back to my quilt, not out of frustration, but out of the excitement of creating.

“Did you apologize to your sewing machine?” Jon asked me when I told him how I yelled at it.

“No,” I answered him guiltily, “But I did thank it when I left my studio a the end of the day.”

Since Jon mentioned it I’ve been thinking about apologizing to my sewing machine.

I think I’ll do that first thing Monday morning when I go back to work.  Maybe I’ll even give it  blessing. Like the water that’s still  running in our outdoor pump despite the cold, I don’t want my sewing machine to think I don’t appreciate it.



22 thoughts on “Cursing and Blessing My Sewing Machine

  1. Will that be the name of the new quilt?? LOL

    This falls into the category “been there, done that”…
    I think we can all relate…stay warm, Maria!

  2. Thinking about you all in this extreme cold….several sewing things. I have been noticing that thread is poorer and poorer quality, and also, I am having to replace my needles more often as the eyes become compromised.

    On the other hand, my sewing machine seems to reflect my mood, as well. I have learned to walk away for a breather and when I come back, all is well.
    The warmth of this piece is most certainly reflecting out to somehow temper the sting of this terrible deep freeze we all find ourselves in right now.

    We have been promised a break beginning Sunday. We need it, and you and the animals REALLY need it. The Cape is still really from the winds, snow and flooding yesterday.

    1. Ah interesting about the needles Marcia. I learned after getting my sewing machine that It needs a certain weight thread in the bobbin. It’s a sensitive thing…. Hope things warm up for you on the Cape and the wind and water is still….

  3. “Do you take Communion with that mouth, young lady?”
    “Sorry, Sister Soilless.”
    “Three Hail Marys and an Our Father.”
    “Yes, Sister.”

    Also, right on about the water. I’ll be heating snow on the stove tomorrow if my pump doesn’t thaw out.


  4. I just hate it when my bobbin jams, so glad you got it all sorted out. Love the look of the new quilt so far, the elephant is a great piece.

  5. This may be one of my favorite posts you have ever made!❤️❤️❤️ (Well…except for the white underwear post!).
    I have, on occasion, cursed my paints, my guitar and my piano,………even my vegy garden! I generally feel badly afterwards, because I love these things and couldn’t live without them.
    You live authentically, Maria. I love that!!!!!

    1. Virginia, You made me think that our relationship with the things around us, alive or not are the same as our relationships with people. Sometimes they just get us mad!

  6. What a great post. I really appreciate your wanting to make it good, with your sewing machine.
    I love the colors of this quilt. It makes me think of Arabian nights and is just so beautiful.

  7. As a very wise man once told me (as I was standing in front of a fax machine – hugely pregnant and crying), “never get that upset with something you can unplug.” Yeah, that mantra still doesn’t always work for me, but I try.

  8. Maria, sometimes I approach my monitors as I do an altar. And give it my blessing when I am through. Everything in my workroom and what I touch is alive and I think how fortunate I am. I can appreciate the giving of gratitude for the labor of love. Give it profusely because the connection is there. Wonderful conclusions in the post.

    1. That’s a beautiful way to be Veronica. I bless my studio everyday when I walk into it and leave at the end of the day. Our tools are our altars.

  9. I know what you mean about sewing machines and our temper, it happened to me all the time. Lots of times I had to walk away from the machine to compose myself. I love the colors on this quilt.

  10. I just posted this on my quilt guild’s (Wayside Quilters Guild in Sudbury MA) FB page. I can’t be the only member who feels a stab of recognition while reading it.

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