Keeping Warm

I finished designing my quilt yesterday.  I’m calling it “Keeping Warm”.

That’s what it helped me do during those really cold days last week.  Just working with the colors made me feel warmer.

I’m putting the back on it this afternoon.  I spent the morning doing paperwork.  Getting my books in order for Anne, my bookkeeper.

As if in celebration of the end of the cold days, the snow slid off my studio roof, all at once,  a little while ago.   It was so loud, at first I didn’t know what it was.  The lilac bush bent under its weight, but popped right back as the snow fell through its branches.

The birds on the feeder outside my window, seemed to have known the snow was coming because there were none around when it fell.

The quilt has some nice details, shimmery and embroidered  fabrics, the elephant, cupola and group of deco women.

Detail from Keeping Warm


2 thoughts on “Keeping Warm

  1. I just want to say I read all your posts and love the pictures of the dogs and the snow and your beautiful art work. When I have some extra cash I am going to order one from you. You are such a talented person and so kind in all you do in your area.

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