Sweet Fate

When I’m tacking my quilts, I hang them from a beam in the middle of my studio. And Fate, at one point or another, does this thing where she pushes under the quilt, which drapes over her back and puts her face in mine, looking for a little affection.  I’m usually sitting on the floor when she does this.

I snuggle with her a little then tell her to “get off” and I go back to work.

Those moments with Fate are sweet.  I think she needs them as much as I do.

Tacking “Keeping Warm”

6 thoughts on “Sweet Fate

  1. This quilt is exquisite. For me, it is the most wonderful piece I have ever seen. Blessings to the person who purchases it.


  2. When I’m sitting at my kitchen table my dog Rascal (half border collie, half lab) likes to come up under the kitchen tablecloth for cuddles and stands there looking like he’s got a scarf on his head, adorable! I just love it when their faces up close look like seals! She is the cutest!

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