A Reminder To Be Grateful….

Mawlidi’s carved bird in its new home.

I haven’t written about Mawulidi and the beautiful carved birds he makes, but Jon and  I have been helping him sell his carvings.

Jon posts them on his blog and I handle the emails, money and shipping.

We know Mawulidi through RISSE, the Refugee and Immigrant center in Albany.  Originally from the Congo, Mawulidi spent 22 years in a refugee camp and only recently came to the United State with his family.  He’s been working in a bakery, but when Jon found out he was a carver, he got Mawulidi carving tools and wood.

I now have a long list of people who want his work.

Jenifer was one of those people on the list and she bought one of Mawulidi’s blue birds.  Now that bird sits in her office in New Orleans.  She sent me this picture of it and wrote:

“She will remind me every day, to be grateful, to be graceful, and to always, always pay it forward.”

You can read more about Mawulidi  and see some of  his other carvings here. 


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  1. I would like to see Mawulidi’s carvings when they become available. I would be very interested in purchasing one that I could see. thank you for doing this.

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