“Keeping Warm”, A Quilt For Sale

“Keeping Warm”  For sale $425 + shipping

It makes sense that I would have finished my quilt “Keeping Warm” and be putting it up for sale today.

Last nights rain melted most of the snow and ice and it’s continuing this morning with temperatures in the high 50’s.  It’s windy too, warm and windy like a spring day.

Days like today always feel like a starting over for me.  The wind coming through, doing natures pruning as the trees drop their dead branches.

I feel like it does the same for me.

I face the wind with my arms outstretched and let it  shake loose the dust from my mind. I feel it whistle between my ribs and whip around my pelvis.  It rushes over my bones, like a spring river, carrying all the winter debris with it.

Making “Keeping Warm“, which took me a week longer to make than most of my quilts, kept me warm during those days when the temperature hovered around zero.

It’s made up a mix of fabrics.  Silky embroidered swatches, and cotton calico, the sleeve from a blouse, corduroy pants, Belinda’s scraps (some already sewed together) and an elephant, from India,  that seemed to walk right onto the quilt.

Keeping Warm is 74″ x 80″ and is $425 + $20 shipping.

If you’d like it to help keep you warm, you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks or PayPal.

The elephant
The Women
The Cupola



3 thoughts on ““Keeping Warm”, A Quilt For Sale

  1. Just another reason I relate to you, Maria ! I LOVE opening my arms to the wind and letting it blow through me. Sometimes I want it to carry me away, letting me soar over the ground below, taking it all in. Mostly, it helps my breathing problems, opens my lungs and makes me feel less constricted. But I’d love it regardless. Don’t you wonder where the wind has been already and where it’s headed?

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