A Karen New Year’s Celebration


Today Jon and I met Ali and some of the kids from RISSE in Albany.  There was a Karen,New Year’s celebration going on in one of the schools.  Refugees from Karen, Thailand came from all over New York State to perform traditional Karon dances.

We also had a delicious meal of chicken and potatoes in a spicy sauce with rice and a side of something like coleslaw (I’m not sure what it was, but it was really good).

Before the dancing began, there were a few balloons floating around the floor in the gymnasium where the celebration was being held.   A few little kids, in traditional Karon dresses, were playing with them.

The sunlight caught the balloons just right and it looked like the kids were carrying glowing orbs.  I found it kind of magical and took it as a good omen for all the children.

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