The Unexpected…..

Each of the Karen dance troupes had different outfits in different colors.  They were all spectacular.

I’ve passed the school where the  Karen dances were held so many times, and I never would have thought something like this might be going on there.

It’s been such a treat working with the kids at RISSE.  And it’s  days like today, when the delightfully unexpected happens that makes me marvel at how I find myself in new places, experiencing something  I never would have imagined.

4 thoughts on “The Unexpected…..

  1. Dear Maria, All the videos and what you have written about the Karen New Year celebration is wonderful! Reminds me of the year that I was blessed to do volunteer teaching basic English reading to Asian students from a United Nations refugee camp based in Thailand. Annie

  2. It really was an amazing experience. The students and their families had fled to Thailand from Cambodia and were sponsored to come to the USA by the Seventh Day Adventist Church right here in my little village of Union Springs. There were 13 kids, aged 14-18, and they learned basic English so quickly that in one school year they were beyond any help I could give! They have all graduated high school now, with honors and gone on to various colleges. I hope and pray that the refugee families you and Jon help so generously will do well in America, also. Annie

    1. Oh that must make you feel so good Annie, to know they have moved on and are living good lives. Good for you, for the helping make that happen.

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