Belated Christmas Gifts at The Post Office

There was an unusually long line at the  Post Office this morning, but I did’t have to wait on it because I was just dropping off gifts for Wendy and Martha.

Belated Christmas gifts really.  I didn’t get to them till now, but I came up with the idea before Christmas to make them each a potholder.

Martha’s has an owl on it, because she’s often wears owl earring and tells me stories of the owls she meets. They are a favorite animal of hers.

For Wendy, I made a baby porcupine, like the one she rescued last year.

On her lunch break Wendy drove to where one of the drivers told her they saw a dead porcupine and her baby, who was still alive, on the side of the road.   The baby porcupine survived because of Wendy and the wildlife rescue people she gave it to.


3 thoughts on “Belated Christmas Gifts at The Post Office

  1. You have a beautiful heart, and you pay attention. I can imagine how both these lovely ladies felt.

    It is fun to get gifts in January, I do it all the time. Anyone can give a gift on time, but belated ones keep the fun going

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