Freedom Birds

Freedom Bird Potholders

Yesterday I designed my “Freedom Bird” Potholders.  I even made a video in the morning that I posted on Instagram.

But I didn’t get a chance to put it all up on my blog, so here it is now.

I loved making my “Freedom Birds”, as you might imagine, it felt really good.  And as always, they are each a unique creation, no two freedom birds are alike.

They still need to be assembled, but I should have them all done by the beginning of next week.  They are $25 each + $5 shipping.  If you see one you like, just let me know.  You can email here at [email protected].

And here’s the video I made about them yesterday….

2 thoughts on “Freedom Birds

  1. Maria, I love your Freedom birds… they reminded me of my “Freida” bird. 30+ years ago, after my divorce, I found a small ceramic parakeet at a garage sale (it has a clip at the bottom, maybe for a lampshade?). Made me think of being free, thus I called her Freida in honor of that. <3

    Thanks again – you are awesome!

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