Jon, Commissar of Ice and Snow

Jon “Commissar of Ice and Snow”, the Tin Man and Fate

A few days ago, as Jon pounded the hood of his car, breaking the ice off of it, he declared himself the Commissar of Ice and  Snow. 

When it comes to  snow and ice, which there has been a lot of so far this winter, he’s on top of it.  Whether he’s using the ice chopper on the walkways, spreading animal-safe ice melt,  scraping the snow and ice off our cars or breaking icicles off the roof.

Commissar is one of those words that I had never heard before Jon declared himself one.   This happens sometimes with me and Jon.  He’ll come up with a word or saying I’ve never, in my 54 years of life, heard before.

Sometimes, like with Commissar, I can figure out its meaning because of the context  he uses it in (although I did look it up and learned that it was,specifically,  the head of a government department in the Soviet Union prior to 1946).

Jon usually likes to attribute, my not knowing a word or a saying he uses, to his being, and I quote ” a life time older and wiser” than me.

It’s true that Jon is 17 years older than me, but when it comes to the words, I tend to think my not knowing them  comes more from our different interests (like with the word Commissar).   I can remember a time or two (like when we’re in an art museum)  when Jon asked me what certain words meant that I used.

When it comes to sayings (“salad days” was one)  well, that may have more to do with when and where we were born.  But, in my opinion,  it has little to do with wisdom.

Anyway, I think Jon  makes an excellent Commissar of Ice and Snow. 

He’s serious and dedicated, almost to the point of obsession, to ridding the farm of ice and keeping up on the snow. Including knowing when it’s going to snow, how much and figuring out the  details like where to park the cars so Vince our plow guy can do the best and most efficient job.    Not an easy thing to do, considering all the melting, freezing and snowing  that’s been going on.

And he’s been successful at it.  (Something I think  would be very important to someone in a government position in Stalinist Russia.)

Actually, if I knew of the word “Commissar” before Jon declared himself one, I would have given Jon the title of  Commissar of Ice and Snow  myself.

He certainly deserves it.

(You can read Jon’s version of the Commissar of Ice and Snow here).

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  1. I just LOVE the way you two can tease each other, esp. in a public forum!! The most sure sign of an ENDURING LOVE! Annie

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