RISSE Soccer Team Weekend at Pompanuck

Jon helping serve lunch to the Bedlam Farm (RISSE) Soccer team at Pompanuck yesterday

Is it possible that just being around 15 teenaged boys can be exhausting?

I didn’t do much but help with breakfast and lunch, the boys even did most of the clean-up.  They stayed up late and were up early in the morning and spent most of the day sledding.  So I didn’t do much at all.  But still  I’m as tired as if I was the one running  up hills and sliding down them all day.

They’re really sweet kids, and from what I could see and from what they said, they had a great time.

Jon and all the people who are part of  The Army of Good, who donated the money for the weekend, made it happen.  I reminded the boys of that.  That there are people all over the country who cared about them.



2 thoughts on “RISSE Soccer Team Weekend at Pompanuck

  1. Oh yes just being around teenage boys or girls can be exhausting and rewarding. So glad you had a good time along with everyone else.

  2. These outings that you, Jon, Scott & Lisa and the Army of Good arrange for the RISSE kids is so WONDERFUL AND INSPIRING! The memories the young people take from these good times will hold them strong in the years ahead. GOD BLESS YOU FOR THIS WORK!! Annie

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