In The Winter Stream

The Gulley Bridge, with my and  Fate’s(and a rabbit’s) footprints, after I feel in the stream.

The fog disappeared  to reveal small puffy clouds in a blue sky.  The sun was soft through the damp air.  There were puddles instead of ice and mud instead of snow.

After feeding the animals, Fate and I headed out to the woods behind the house.  The flooded marsh, leading to the stream,  was still frozen enough for me to walk on.

But as I crossed the ice and snow that covered the Gulley Bridge, it collapsed under me. The bridge was submerged in water and I was up to my knees in the winter stream.

But it was warm out, probably 40 degrees or more.  Once out of the water, I wasn’t even cold.  But I didn’t know how long that would last. So instead of going for our walk, I  crossed back over the sunken bridge and headed home, with Fate following.

I’ll have to wait for the steam to get lower before we can walk in the back woods again.  Either that, or until it freezes over again, which ever comes first.

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