“Cactus Potholders” Sold Out

Cactus with Moon and Stars SOLD

When I was about 14 years old, I bought a small cactus in a plastic cup from a woman at a flea market.

That cactus has grown and multiplied over the many years I’ve had it.  It’s been with me through all my moves and now takes up five or six different pots in my house.

It’s very dear to me, like an old friend.

After our trip to New Mexico in the fall, the cactus has taken on new meaning.  A reminder of the landscape in New Mexico that I so love.  And during these cold days of winter, drawing the cactus has kept me warm, in my thoughts anyway.

I have  six Cactus Potholders for sale. They are $25 each + $5 shipping for 1-2 and $8 shipping for 3 or more.

If you see one you’d like, just let me know here at [email protected].

I take checks and PayPal.

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Cactus Potholder with Sun and Rain SOLD
Cactus Potholder with Rain and Lightning SOLD
Cactus Potholder with Sun Sold
Cactus Potholder with Clouds and Lightning SOLD
Cactus Potholder with Sunrise SOLD

3 thoughts on ““Cactus Potholders” Sold Out

  1. Hi Maria,
    I would like to buy a cactus potholder. you can choose one for me that hasn’t been sold. i like them all. let me know how to proceed. i do have a paypal account. Diane

  2. I like the image of this prickly beast being a friend that you’ve made the effort to bring with you all these years. I’d love to see pictures of what it looks like today, all multiple pots of it. It makes me think of the old parable about the mustard seed and faith.

    1. That’s lovely Trish. I always felt an allegiance to my cactus, but it’s not until I drew it that I’m seeing how important it really is to me. I think I’ll be drawing it and using it in my work more. And it does take root as easily as the mustard seed.

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