Mail Art

Mail Art

It was Linda (who I made quilts for, for  two Christmas’ ago) that gave me the idea.  One I’ve been kicking around for all that time.

Linda sent me some of her paintings on postcards.

Mail Art.  Art that goes through the mail.  Art that everyone who comes in contact with it from the time someone mails it to the time it’s delivered, gets to see.  Art that undoubtedly get’s transformed in the process.

A few weeks ago I cut the flap off a cardboard box that was on the dining room table, trimmed it down to postcard size and did a drawing on it.

Now, sometimes when I get the urge to draw, I use a marker on a piece of cardboard.

I’ve mailed three of them out already and have more finished drawings and a  free and contestant supply of material for new ones, whenever I want.

2 thoughts on “Mail Art

  1. Terrific! It’s great that you’ve embraced the chance your art might change in the process of getting from here to there.

    I’ve made collage post cards in the past and it’s so much fun. Something about the tiny size of the project and the rough way it will be handled is very freeing.

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