Upside Down Cactus Person, at The Mansion

Madeline’s back is to the camera, to her right is Mary, Peggy, Julie (who runs the program) Joan and Barb.

It was my second drawing class at The Mansion. The last time some of the people who live there came to my studio.

This time I went to them.

I cut out some shapes from a file folder,  a chicken, cat, umbrella, broom, cup, and a potted cactus, so anyone who wanted to could place them anywhere they chose on the paper, trace their outline, then color them in.

Of course, every drawing was completely different and Madeline chose not to use my cut-outs, but did a drawing of a woman smoking a cigarette, with the word “wish” on the bottom of it.

Madeline also held the cut-out of the potted cactus upside down and thought it was a person walking and  wearing a big hat. I ran with her idea and did my own drawing of the upside down cactus person.

It felt really good to do and everyone who was there seemed to have fun too.  I think sometimes it’s nice just to have someone different around to shake up the ordinary.

On Wednesday night Sylvie, who lives at The Mansion, invited Jon and me to a tea party they were having.  We all played a word game then had tea and scones.  Barb’s granddaughter and Peggy’s daughter were also there.

I imagine having us all there was like inviting friends and family to their home.  I know it felt like visiting friends to me.

I’m thinking about doing a drawing class once a month.

Barb asked what we were going to do with the drawings once they were done.

That gave me an  idea for next time.

I’ll get some blank postcards that people can draw on and send out to the many people who write them.  I’ll put stamps on them and Jon and I can help them address the cards if they need it.

I’m looking forward to it.  Getting to know and working with the people I’ve met at the Mansion has given me the opportunity to give to others  in a way I’ve always wanted to  but didn’t know how.

It feels good to me, and as far as I can tell, for the people at The Mansion I’m getting to know, too.  A good reason to keep doing it.

Some of the drawings

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