Over The Gulley Bridge and Into The Woods

We haven’t been able to cross the Gulley Bridge into our back woods since I fell in the stream last week.  The water has been too high.

But today I took all three dogs to see if we could get over the bridge.

The ice was about two feet  high on the banks of the stream and the water was a thin rushing layer over the plank of wood Ed Gulley made our bridge from.

Me, Red and Fate  stood on the edge of the ice, wondering the best way to get down to the bridge.  I don’t know what the dogs were thinking, but I didn’t want to crash though the ice again, not knowing if it could hold me.

Then Gus came from behind and as if we weren’t there, hopped from the ice to the bridge, ran across the plank of wood and through the water and jumped up onto the other side.

Red was next and I followed.  Fate was the last to come, hesitating at the edge of the ice, not wanting to jump down.

She eventually did and we all had a great walk in the woods.


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