A New Batch Of Bedlam Farm Wool, Coming Soon

Kim, our Karakul sheep

I just got an email from the Vermont Fiber Mill that my wool is ready.

We probably won’t pick it up for a couple of weeks, but when we do, I’ll be selling it right here.

If you’re interested in some Bedlam Farm Wool, just let me know ([email protected])  and I’ll email you when it comes in.  I already have a list or people who want it and can add you to it.  Otherwise just keep watching for it on my blog.

The dyed wool is in this batch,  so I’m curious  to see what it looks like.  It’s the first time I’ve dyed any wool.  It comes from all the white sheep.  That’s  a mix of Romney, Karakul and Cheviot.

I’ll have the natural browns and grays too.

Zelda is a cheviot
Rosemary is a romney


2 thoughts on “A New Batch Of Bedlam Farm Wool, Coming Soon

  1. Not related to this post, but rather to Jon’s recent “State of the Farm” address…he mentioned you still have one wall hanging and one quilt unsold…might you post these again so we can see them? I find it hard to believe that you have any unsold works as your art is so beautiful!

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