Goddess In The Boat, Continues….


I cut away some of the patchwork so I would have a white space to write the words inside the apple.

This goddess is sitting in the bottom right corner, next to the flying egg in my “Goddess in the Boat” wallhanging.

It was a photo of Frida Kahlo that inspired the drawing.  The way she is sitting on the floor  with her dress flared out around her.

Then came the apple.

That was from a friends dream where I was standing in our apple tree in the back yard,  not holding on to anything, just standing on the branches.

I knew the dream wasn’t about me, but  about the freedom and confidence, my friend was feeling about her writing.  She had just bought a new MacBook Pro.

The apple is such a loaded symbol.  I liked the connection to Eve, the apple and knowledge. Knowledge coming from books and writing and words.

I wanted to fill the apple in my piece with words.

I thought of Mary Shelly and an article I read just yesterday by Jill Lapore about the 200 year anniversary of the publishing of Frankenstein.  Mary Shelly  was only nineteen years old when she started writing it.   She she  published it a few years later she did it  anomalously because it was such as scandalous book at the time,  she was afraid of having her children taken away from her.

The passage I chose for to write in the apple  is of the Frankenstein monster describing the first time he saw the moon.

Then there’s the  butterfly, under the apple.  The butterfly is a symbol found throughout the ancient goddess culture. The butterfly I used came from a wallhanging that Veronica gave me.  It was made by her grandmother.  The moon to the right of the goddess comes from the same wallhanging.

All these elements fell into place seamlessly today as I was working.

This is the wall hanging so far….





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