“Goddess in the Boat” and the Moon

I think I finished my Goddess on the Boat wall hanging, but I’m not sure.  So I’ll leave it over the weekend and give it a fresh look on Monday.

Then I’ll know.

I made some changes to it today, that made it feel complete.  

The moon became a theme in this piece.

Behind the Goddess on the threshold, I wrote a passage from the Journal of Madame Knight by Sarah Kemble Knight. It’s Knights account, from 1704,  of her unchaperoned trip on horseback from Boston to New York.

This account tells of Knight riding through a thick forest at night, not able to see anything, including the Postman, who she was following, and suddenly coming to a clearing where she was able to see the moon and be guided by its light.

She was so grateful for the light and for seeing something so familiar, she later wrote a poem, praising the moon.

One of the last images I worked on today was the winged apple.

Repeating the apple idea and borrowing the wings from the egg, I filled it too in with moon words.  This time from Veronica Hallissey’s poem Moon Meeting…

” Luminescent white diamond
           in the night,
knowing I too, 
          am watched by you. 
How do I know?

The wanderer always finds his way home.”


4 thoughts on ““Goddess in the Boat” and the Moon

  1. Maria,this piece is amazing! I love the juxtaposition of the antique, traditional quilt with your very creative, modern art work. The Goddesses look like fairies living inside the rings. Annie

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