Crocheted Gun and Baby Blanket

I’ve been thinking about crocheting the gun since I found it in the kitchen draw when we moved into the house.

For obvious reasons, today was the right day to do it.

And my hands wanted something to do.  Sometimes, when I don’t have the words, my hands seem to know how to work things out on their own.  Today, they craved the healing nature of the repetitive motion of crocheting.

Knitting became popular after 9/11 for a reason.

I started unraveling doilies and afghans then crocheting them around objects about  twenty years ago when I was in art school.  So unraveling the baby blanket and crocheting it around the gun seemed the natural thing to do.

The baby blanket was the first thing I saw when I walked into the Goodwill this morning.  As if it was waiting for me.  It’s even better than the full-sized afghan that I was looking for, because it “says” children.

Like an afghan, It  speaks of the person who made it and it’s purpose.  Someone made this baby blanket to bring warmth and comfort to a child.  It’s a loving thing.

So when I unravel it and crochet it around the gun, something that is potentially dangerous,  it renders the empty gun useless.  Softening its edges and encasing it in the fiber of the baby blanket as well as its meaning.

The gun is transformed from a weapon to a symbol.

I didn’t think of the yarn connecting the gun to the blanket as umbilical until Jon mentioned it.  I think of the kink in the unraveled yarn as holding the memory of its life as a blanket.  It’s the moment between the blanket and the gun.

But I see in this piece, it is an umbilical cord.  Giving new life to the gun, but also speaking to the idea of gun control as a way of saving life.

I think I’ll make post cards from the piece.  I know some  members of our government I’d like to send it to.

The  pellet gun and blanket before I started unraveling and crocheting.
Crocheting the gun

Jon wrote about this piece also and posted a video of me crocheting the gun on his blog.  You can see it here.



18 thoughts on “Crocheted Gun and Baby Blanket

  1. Where our words falter to explain our heart
    art creates the statement for us in abundance.

    Well done. Please do make postcards, I’d would love to buy some if you go that route.

  2. I respectfully submit a different point of view on gun control. Guns are outlawed in the city of Chicago. Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Criminals and unbalanced people will be able to obtain guns no matter what words are written on pieces of paper by politicians and lawmakers. You cannot regulate evil and crazy.

    1. Thank for your comment Janet. I believe there are many things that need to be done to stop the kind of shootings that are happening in our country and Gun Control is a big part of it. What I would like to hear the politicians say is that they are going to do whatever it takes, regardless of politics and money to stop this from happening.

  3. Maria this resonates with me, such a profound visual message. Your description of the process behind it and your thought process are wonderful. I’m kind of overwhelmed. It also explains why I can’t stop knitting lately. Thanks for sharing your brilliance. Ditto on the postcards, super idea.

  4. Maria, The gun an blanket took away my breath when I first saw it. Extremely powerful. I must say that when I first saw it, I took the yarn from gun to blanket to signify the path of a bullet. However one sees it it is thus far the most powerful representation of the craziness going on currently, especially with the “babies” who are leading the movement.

    You are letting your light shine these days, but now I also hear your horn blow.


    1. I like your take about who is leading the movement and the connection to the piece. I hadn’t thought of that when I made it. That’s the thing about art, it can evolve and have meaning in it I wasn’t aware of. I just knew it was something I had to make. I wasn’t conscious of all there is to it.

  5. Powerful image. I believe in strict gun control laws and the banning of semi-automatic weapons. The NRA has been too powerful and it’s time we took back our power from them.

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