“Goddess in the Boat” A Wall Hanging

Goddess in the Boat

I walked into my studio this morning, looked at my Goddess in the Boat wall hanging and  without question, knew it was done.

The old Wedding Ring Quilt that I used as a ground for this piece, still plays an important role in it.  Even though I broke up some of the rings to create it. I did leave the ghost of those rings.  They set the stage for the Goddess and the flying egg.

I’ve written about this piece faithfully as I was making it.  Explaining each decision as best I could in previous blog posts.

When I look at it now, complete, I see the Goddess re-emerging.  Making her way back into our society a little more with the waxing and waning of each full and new moon.

It also speaks to how the Goddess has always been here.   A bit submerged, she showed her face in creative ways throughout history, even if she had to ,at times, hide her identity.

The Goddess is back.  Showing herself and speaking her mind. Not afraid  to be who she truly is.

Goddess in the Boat is for sale.Sold.  It measures 30″x 38″ and is $300 + $15 shipping.  If you’re interested in her, you can email me here at [email protected].  I take checks and PayPal.

A closer look at the bottom half of the wall hanging…
…and at  the Goddess in the boat.

4 thoughts on ““Goddess in the Boat” A Wall Hanging

  1. Maria you did such a wonderful job reusing parts of an old wedding ring quilt such a great background for your goddess to emerge from. This is such a sacred piece I am going to share your post with the Facebook Group Brigid’s Grove I am a member of where talk of the goddess in her many forms is discussed. Beautiful wall hanging

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