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It was warm enough today for me to leave my studio door open.  Warm enough for Fate to sit in the doorway looking out.  Warm enough for her to dig in the mud and for some of that mud to still be on her nose when she sat in my doorway.

The piece I began working on this morning

I would have taken a walk with the dogs  today, over the Gulley Bridge (which I imagine was flooded with all the snow and ice melt since yesterday) and into the woods.  But Jon and I left the farm before lunch to pick up the athletic bags for the kids on the RISSE Soccer Team and watch the first two games in their tournament.

But before that, I dumped the bag of scraps that Karen gave me on my work table and started piecing them together.

Ali and the kids from RISSE in between soccer games

The Bedlam Farm Warriors (aka RISSE) tied one game, lost one and won one.  It was only the second soccer game I’ve ever watched, so I didn’t understand all that was going on, but it was interesting to try to figure it all out.   All that body language.

But it was even more important just to show up for them.  I was glad to be there.

There was a break between games and we all went outside for a while.  It didn’t take long (after they climbed on the van) for half the team to start practicing in the parking lot.

Socrates, Emily and Frida

When we got home Socrates was gliding across the bottom of the fish tank with Emily on his back.   The goldfish, Frida and Diego, don’t pay much attention to them, except to nibble at their shells every once in a while.

Now I’m off to bed.  I’m looking forward to figuring  out how to put the rest of the scraps together tomorrow.  I’m determined to use every one in this piece.   I’ll figure out what happens after that when I get there.



8 thoughts on “My Day

  1. I love all the colors in this piece, and how you’ve put them together – there’s something very soothing about the way you’ve assembled the geometric shapes, like completing on a section of a large puzzle or a mosaic – they just seem to “fit”!

    Can’t wait to see how the rest turns out!


    1. I’m not sure what comes next Margaret. I have two other pieces that I made from the bag of scraps, they may all wind up together in a quilt or maybe not.

    1. I was thinking of a quilt Kathleen, but now I’m beginning to think it might make a nice wall hanging along with some of the other pieces I made from this bag of scraps.

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