Bag of Scraps

One of the pieces made with the scraps from Nancy’s bag of scraps.

In between figuring out my new Etsy Shop, running to the post office and having lunch with the Bedlam Farm Warriors and all the people  at the Mansion today, I’ve been working on that bag of scraps that Nancy gave me.

My idea was to use them all in one quilt.

I don’t know if that will ultimately happen.  Right now I have four different pieces going using the scraps, and it’s hard for me to see them fitting together.  But it may happen yet.

Not knowing, and figuring it out is the fun part.


8 thoughts on “Bag of Scraps

  1. You are so creative Maria. I love the things you make out of “scraps”. Three of my quilting friends have moved away and left me with their boxes of scraps. I now live in a tiny apartment and am having quite a time figuring out how to use these treasures. I have made a few throws and small quilts. Its fun but I don’t have your creative aura to guide me.

    1. Sounds like a love bunch of treasures you have JoAnne. You will find your creative aura once you start working, just give it a chance. When it know’s you’re serious, you’ll find it.

  2. This looks like a house to me. The triangle is the roof and the two rectangles beside it are the chimneys – a living room chimney and a kitchen chimney. The narrow row underneath is a row of windows some perhaps stained glass. The vertical strips below that is the body of the home. And the large teal and light pink rectangle is the front porch. It is wonderful.

  3. Hi Maria,

    I’m also interested if it’s to be a wall hanging (in case Sarah above was looking for a full size quilt or changes her mind)…



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