Pumpkin Sells His Wool


Pumpkin wants you to know that I still have some Bedlam Farm Wool and Roving for sale in my Etsy Shop.

You can see it here

There’s only three skeins of Pumpkin and Griselle’s Bulky wool left.  But I have a few of Sock and Izzy’s wool and some of Suzy and Biddy’s.

And there’s some Brown and White Bumps of Roving too.

Although I got an idea to make some felted potholders out of the roving today.

I only did some felting once and it was such a long process, I vowed never to do it again (I made the same vow about making quilts once).  But I found this video on YouTube that made it look a lot easier than I remember.  So now I’m intrigued.  I’m even thinking of dying some of the white roving I have.

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