My New Header…In The Works

Jon and Gus, out my Studio Window

Well, my new header is up, but it’s not quite right.

Too much  yellow….I’m going to change the yellow along the sides of the blog to the same red  that’s in the “search” and “subscribe” bars.

And the header will be a little darker, so it has a little more depth and texture to it.

It may not look exactly right, but it’s working.  I tried all the buttons, Etsy, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.

I don’t do this work myself.  Nick at Mannix Marketing is making it happen.  And I do appreciate it.  It’s not something I could even imagine doing.

We’ll keep at it till we get it right.

2 thoughts on “My New Header…In The Works

  1. The one you made was so lovely, perhaps using photoshop you could modify the colors more to your liking

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