Changes To My Facebook Pages


The snow is falling the animals are fed and snug in the barn and the new header on my website is up and working.

It took me about an hour to refresh my browser (I really do have my technical challenges)  so I could see the new pinkish/red color on the sides of my blog, but with more help from Nick at Mannix I was finally able to do it.

Now, looking at my blog, with the new colors,  the simple design and knowing how easy it is to use, I’m dancing in my seat!

I just love it!

I’m so excited,  I want to tell everyone about it!


…I have one other change that I’m making….

From now on, I’ll  only be posting my blog and photos on my personal (Maria Wulf) facebook page.

That means I’ll no longer be posting my blog and photos on my Full Moon Fiber Art facebook page.

I’m trying to simplify and I’ve found that  posting on the two different pages is too time consuming and doesn’t really accomplish much.  It will be easier for me to manage one page and,  I think, easier for people to know where to look for my blog on facebook.

So now when you click on the facebook button on my new header, it will now take you to my Maria Wulf facebook page.

All my Instagram photos and videos automatically got to that page too, so they’re easier to see too.


10 thoughts on “Changes To My Facebook Pages

  1. Maria–I don’t do Facebook and would be so sad to miss seeing your blogs and pictures and artwork—-are you saying here you will no longer be posting on this blog site? Surely I am not the only one who doesn’t use Facebook but loves to read your blog daily. Please reconsider!

    1. Oh no Jean, not at all. I will always have my blog. This is just a change to my facebook pages. It has nothing to do with my blog. I really just repost what I write on my blog to my facebook page, so you see and will continue to see everything they do. Thanks for asking and caring!

  2. How is anyone supposed to follow you now on Facebook? Before you showed up in my notifications saying you had posted some items Now there is no way to follow you unless you take friends from everyone. I liked your page. Now I cannot follow you on FB.

    1. Theresa, you can still follow me on fb. You will just have to follow me on my personal page, called Maria Wulf instead of Full Moon Fiber Art. it’s simple you can get there by clicking on the fb button on the top of my blog or you can go on fb and type my name in the search. Also, if you’re already a “friend”, you get both my pages not just one. also, It’s my Maria Wulf page that comes up in my time line. Hope that’s helpful. And thanks for caring!

  3. whew!! so relieved to know i can still read your blog on my kindle. hope that never changes.
    lying snug in bed before reading my current book i visit your blog.

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