Snow On Sculpture


The wheel on Ed Gulley’s Windchime

It’s one of those heavy wet snows.  The consistency of it is sculptural. It makes me want to shape and  mold it.

The snow is changing the shape and look of everything it lands on.  And makes for some interesting pictures.

These are some photos I took this morning of the snow on some  of the sculptures we have on the farm.

The hand and ax of Ed Gulley’s Tin Man
The chimes on Ed Gulley’s Windchime
My Apple Branch Sculpture in the barn yard

7 thoughts on “Snow On Sculpture

  1. These photos are unquestionably among the most beautiful you’ve taken, Maria…and you’ve taken a LOT of exceptional photos. Organic, textural, alive…I want to reach out and feel…and smell (I love that smell of snow, how every snowfall feels different) this magical world. And I love the mono-chromatic part…stark yet full of “real.”
    I’ve saved them all, which I hope is ok. Not so much to share (I would ask first and of course, credit you) but to look back upon and re-create my reaction and feelings. I imagine they will be looked at quite a bit during August/September, when we practically faint from the heat, hurricanes & humidity!!!
    And omgoodness! The new color scheme, the lavender keyboard! Unique & comforting.
    Spring will be here soon…also magical❤️ Your writings & photos continue to bring to life many of the things we often take for granted…one of the reasons I like to read your posts at the end of the day.
    Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome to share anything I put out on my blog Virgina. Thanks for all your good words. I loved taking these pictures, and often wonder if anyone else will care about this kind of thing. But I find again and again, that people do.

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