Socrates,The Snail, Showing Off

My interest (even if Jon calls it an infatuation) in Socrates our snail, isn’t close to what went on in the Movie The Shape of Water (no matter what Jon says).

But it’s true that I can’t stop watching Socrates.  And it seems like whenever I do watch him, he puts on a show  for me.

In the video I took today, he contorts his body in a way I never imagined a snail would do.  And as I was taking the video, I had no idea what was going to happen.    He kinda looks like his shell is a slouch beanie.

And he does this other thing, called a freefall (I hope to catch it on video someday).

He makes climbs to the wall of the tank to the, then lets go.  He pulls himself into his shell, and falls to the bottom of the tank.  Then he releases some bubbles  from his shell and floats up to the top of the tank again.

After that he floats back down, and looks for a place to eat.

Freefalling is just one way for a snail to get from one place to another.

So yes, I can’t keep my eyes off him and I do have a feeling he knows when I’m watching him.  But I don’t think it’s that unusual.  I mean, if we can connect with a dog or cat, why can’t we connect with a snail.

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