Gus, Losing and Find Hope

I wasn’t prepared for what Jon told me when he came home from the Vet the other day.

I thought Gus was doing okay.  Or as good as could be expected considering his Megaesophagus.  But our Vet Dr Farello told Jon  that with the amount of food Gus is eating, he should be gaining weight.  Since he’s not, it means that he’s not absorbing the food.

He’s always hungry.  We can’t feed him enough food.

He either spits it up, or it goes though him, not giving him the nourishment he needs.

We’re going to see Dr Farello tomorrow.

But we’ve already tried so many different medicines and foods, I’m not feeling hopeful.  And I know this feeling inside of me, of getting ready to face the truth about the disease that Gus has.  That it’s not curable.  That I never want my animals to suffer more than they have to, just to keep them alive.

Tomorrow we’ll see if Gus is holding his weight.  Hear what Dr Fariello has to say.

It’s happened again and again that I lose hope with Gus one day only to find it again the next.  This may be another of those times.

11 thoughts on “Gus, Losing and Find Hope

  1. Hi Maria, it hurts just to read about how you and Jon are having to deal with this horrible illness and feel so helpless. I too have had many pets and had to do what I felt was right in my gut even though it broke my heart. I think that’s why dogs and cats are put on this earth with us, to teach us compassion and acceptance even if we don’t understand why – he came into your lives for a reason – love – and I know that love is worth more than anything pain can take away. Hang in there, it will all be as it should be and you are strong!

  2. Maria, could Gus’s problem be parasites? Jon posted that he pulled a tapeworm out of him..has the vet ever treated him for parasites? It could make a world of difference for him. He seems to be such an intelligent, sweet little dog…hate to see him go thru what he is and must be awful to live that way, for both of you..

  3. As I spend each day watching our 17 year old sweet girl ebbing towards the final curtain, I feel your sorrow and hope. One minute everything looks dark; the next, she’s got a squeaky toy, wanting to play. Whatever the prognosis, your time together has been a gift beyond compare.
    ” Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe
    My heart is with you both.

  4. Thinking of you and Jon and little Gus as you navigate this roller coaster together. Good thoughts..good thoughts.

  5. Dear Maria, I wish I could think of something to say that would be wise and comforting. But I do pray for you and Jon, Red, Fate, Gus and all your beloved animals who make up your family. Believing for better news. Annie

  6. Oh Maria, This is so hard to read. He is the apple of my eye and I’ve never met him. I so hope I will and that the angels will surround him with their healing fairy dust. He is a treasure as all our four and three legged pets. Love peace and strength to you all. Namaste, Cindy

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