Socrates, The Amazing Snail, Wins My Heart Again

I sat with Gus on my lap, holding him up after eating, watching as Socrates navigated being in a fish tank with our Goldfish Frida.  His shell twirled on his back like a beacon as he pulled his head in when she got too close.  Then, when all was clear,  he went back to eating the algae from the side of the tank.

Socrates Potholders

Socrates has gotten into my head.  These are the  Socrates Potholders I designed the other day.  I’ll be selling them in my Etsy Shop next week ( but if you see one you’d like, you can alway email me here at [email protected] and I’ll save it for you.  They’re $25 + $5 shipping) along with some other potholders I’m working on.

I still have some of my work for sale in my Etsy Shop.

There’s  packs of my Crocheted Gun and Baby Blanket Postcards, a few “Bag of Scraps” potholders, some Bedlam Farm Wool and Roving, and Show Your Soul Posters.

You can always get to my Etsy Shop by clicking on the big orange Etsy button at the top of my blog or you can click here.

(And, if you’re interested,  you can see more videos of Socrates by clicking on the YouTube button on the top of my blog or by clicking here. )

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