Blues, Pinks and Everything Else

These are some patchwork pieces I’ve been working on for the past few days.  All the fabric comes from my scrap bin. Once again  I want to try and put all three of these into one quilt.   It didn’t work  the last time I tried this, but I want to try it again.

6 thoughts on “Blues, Pinks and Everything Else

  1. Maria, I really love these!!! The tiny and various little patterned pieces in such beautiful color schemes. I find them very compelling- the eye moves around and keeps seeing new things. I feel like I could stare at the blue one forever.

  2. Maria, if you ever decide not to proceed with using these 3 pieces in one quilt, i would be interested in the blue piece as a wall hanging. It has gotten under my skin! 🙂

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