Herding From the Hill

Jon was calling out commands to Red this morning from the hill in the back pasture.  Red, who is going blind, has a harder time herding the sheep than he used to.  But he’s still able to get them into and out of the back pasture.  And he’s never been a better therapy dog.

Jon on the hill

2 thoughts on “Herding From the Hill

  1. For awhile your videos weren’t playing. Then I could see the videos but now again this video of Red herding the sheep isn’t showing though I can hear Jon’s voice. Have others viewers reported the same thing to you?

    Thanks much.

    1. No JJ, sorry, I don’t know what that might be. I haven’t heard that from anyone else and they work on my computer. Try going to my youtube page. Maybe you can see them better there. Here’s a link . you can also get there by clicking on the youtube icon on the top of my blog.

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