Socrates II Comes Home

Socrates II

When Jon told me he was going out to run an errand right after we got back from the bank and postoffice, I was curious.

But it didn’t dawn on me till I came in the house, over an hour later, and saw the grapes from Hannaford.  That meant he went to Bennington and………I went into the living room and looked in the fish tank.

There was Socrates II, with a shell like white marble and the most elegant antenna I’ve ever seen.  They search as if they’re dancing.

Our three snails, Emily, the bumblebee snail up against the glass, the new striped snail next. And Socrates II in the background.

Then I saw another snail.  In between Socrates and Emily, the bumblebee snail, in size, with brown and black stripes reaching across her shell.  With the finest antenna, she immediately started exploring the tank. (I haven’t named her yet)

On the day before Gus died, Jon and I went to Bennington and bought a 20 gallon tank and a couple of plants.  We set it up that evening and have been waiting for the water to clear and get to room temperature before moving the fish.

Tonight we moved the two goldfish, Frida and Diego, to the new bigger tank (I call it the Gus Memorial Tank).  We’ll wait another week or so to move the snails to make sure they have enough algae to eat when they go there.

We have a friend who might want the smaller tank.  If she does, we’ll supply it with a couple of fish and a snail or two.


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