“Garden” Quilt The Clothes Line

I made this quilt, called” Garden” about ten years ago.

My  friend Suzy Fatzinger (who makes those beautiful shawls and gloves that I sell at the Open House every year)  bought it from me when we barely knew each other.

It was when I was just started making and selling my art and was at an art fair in Poultney Vermont.  Suzy and her family were visiting Vermont at the same time and they came to see us.

That was the same fair where  I met Jane McMillan who makes those wonderful soft sculpture pincushions that I  also have at the Open House every year.

Yesterday felt like the first day of spring here in Washington County NY, and Suzy said it was the same where she lives in Pennsylvania.  The perfect day to wash “Garden” and hang it out to dry.

Suzy sent me this video.  I love the sound of the wind and her rooster crowing.

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