Socrates II

Socrates II

Jon and I have been keeping a close eye on Socrates II.

We might be paying too much attention to him.  This morning I was sure he was dead.  But as we ate breakfast, we watched him sail up the front of the tank, a tiny bubble following him as he made his way to the top and reached out his snorkel for some air.

I only know about his snorkel or air tube, because I’ve been reading up on it online.

I never saw this appendage on Socrates I,  but apparently, Mystery Snails breathe thought gills and this thing called a snorkel.

Thinking that maybe there wasn’t enough oxygen in the tank I immediately plugged in the bubbler, filling the tank with air.

We also ordered some calcium tablets for all the snails.  Several sites online recommend them.  They help to keep the snails shells healthy.  As I found out, an unhealthy shell is the sign of a sick snail.

Tonight Socrates II is resting like a bat, well camouflaged under leaves of one of the plants.

In another week or so, we’ll move Socrates II and the other two snails to the new tank with the fish.  But for tonight, they all seem to be doing well.

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