Here I Am. Learning to Bellydance With Attitude


That’s Julz Irion, one of my Belly dancing teachers

It was seeing Julz and the other dancers at the Spice Routes Dance last July that got me interesting in Belly Dancing.

And as wonderful as the dancing was, what impressed me most was the attitude I saw  that most of the dancers there had.  It was in their posture, in the way they moved.  It was more than just confidence. It was as if they were saying,  Here I am, This is Me and I Am Someone to Pay Attention To.

I watched those women dancing  and thought “I want that.”

I never imagined I’d be taking belly dancing lessons just a month after that.  I never imaged I’d be able to do anything close to what they do.  But I wanted to try.  I wanted to know what it felt like to have that attitude.

After more than six months of lessons I’m still not close to being able to do what any of those dancers did on  stage that night.  But I every once in a while, when I get something right, or I lift my chest high enough and drop my shoulders down my back and hold my “humble” chin at just the right angle, I get that feeling that I saw in the dancers.

Then yesterday in class, after Kathleen told me I was taking steps that were too long when I was doing the Bump, and then I got it right, I felt great.  I bumped across the room with the rest of the class watching me, not perfect, but I had attitude.  I could feel it.  And it felt really good.

So this year, I’m feeling kind of thrilled to be involved in the Spice Route Dance Concert.

I won’t be dancing, but I still feel like I’m a part of the Benninginton Bedeli Tribal Bellydancers.

I’m going to be working with Trish on the stage set.  And although I’ve never done anything like that before, I’ll be working with Trish who has, and  I know we’ll work well together and we’ll enjoy doing it.

All are welcome and if you live close by I would highly recommend you come.  Tickets are only $10 and you can buy food and raffle tickets, all that benefit Bennington County Meals on Wheels.

You can get tickets by calling (802)442-8012.  Or I can get you tickets, just  email me here at [email protected]

If you don’t live in the area, I’ll be writing about the performance and taking pictures and videos, so you’ll get to see some of it here.

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  1. Dear Maria, Your being involved in belly dancing w/ attitude is just wonderful! I sure am looking forward to any videos or photos you take of the dancers. Annie

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