My Three Snails

You can see Socrates II in the background on the wall of the glass tank.  He’s been pretty quiet this morning.

But my BumbleBee Snail, Emily (named after Emily Dickenson because when we first got her she was very reclusive) is very busy eating algae off the glass.

Snails have a tongue, called a radula, that has thousands of teeth on it.  They use the teeth to scrape off the algae from whatever surface it grows on.

Emily was pretty hungry this morning.

The last snail in the video is an Apple Snail. Her name is Stormy.

I don’t actually know what sex they are. I’ve read that snails are hermaphrodites, but I’ve also read that not all of them are, so I figure, I get to choose.

Stormy started to make her way under the leaf she spent the first part of the morning on.

I still find it amazing to watch  how they work their way around the fine edge of a leaf, which is so much more delicate than the snails are, with the leaf hardly moving.

I’ve read that is  because the slime that propels the snail. The slime is between the snail and whatever it climbs on. It protects the snail  and is what allows the snail to move around so smoothly.

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