Vintage Hankie Potholders

One thing leads to another.

When I was making the Vintage Hankie Scarves, last week,  I found a few hankies that had some interesting images on them, but were too small to use in a scarf.  Some of them had stains on them too, so I decided to cut them apart and make them into potholders.

These four white cats came from one hankie…

I made these potholders from three different hankies.

I’ll be sewing them all together  next week and putting them up for sale, with a few other potholders I made today, in my Etsy Shop.

(You can visit my Etsy Shop at any time by clicking here or on the Etsy Icon on the top of my blog.)

A couple of the potholders are already sold, ( The Brownie and Cat on Top and bottom left) but if you see one you like you can email me here at [email protected].

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