Snail Eggs!

Nerite snail eggs

See those little white oval spots on the stem and leaf of the plant?

Those are snail eggs. Nerite Zebra snail eggs.

I’ve never seen a snail egg before, but when I saw those white spots on the plant this morning, I had feeling….

Most snails lay their eggs in clusters that either float on the top of the water or attach to the side of the tank.

This morning after seeing those white spots I learned something about our snails….

I’ve been calling our Nerite Snails by the wrong name.  I thought they were an Apple Snail and a BumbleBee Snail.  But both the smaller snails in our tank are Nerite Zebra Snails.

They lay their hard eggs on plants and wood.

But we’re not going to have a tank full of snails, because they only hatch in salt water.  We have a fresh water tank.  The snails can live in fresh water and lay eggs, but the eggs are waiting for the right conditions to hatch.

We could move the eggs to a tank with salt water and start hatching them, but I’m not sure we want to do that.

Although I’m thinking about baby snails, they gotta be kinda cute.

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