Jon Katz Photos For Sale In My Etsy Shop

Forest On Fire        By Jon Katz

Jon’s photos are now available in my Etsy Shop.

Since my Etsy Shop has been so sucessful and easy for everyone to use (including me)  I’ve decided to sell Jon’s photos there along with my work.

There are 12 photos for sale, from Donkeys to Landscapes,  and you can see them all here.

We print up the photos individually so  it will  take longer for me to get them to you than my work.  Usually 1-2 weeks from your order.  Most of the photos are 8 1/2 x 12 1/2 and are $130, but they do vary in size and price.  You can see all the information in my Etsy Shop and if you have any questions you can message me there or email me at [email protected].

Also, for the first time, I’m selling my latest quilt Swirling “Circles Of Color”, in my Etsy Shop as well as on my blog.

You can visit my Etsy Shop  and see everything I have for sale there, by clicking on the Etsy icon on the top of my blog or here.

Swirling Circles of Color  74″ x 84″  $425 + $20 shipping. 

3 thoughts on “Jon Katz Photos For Sale In My Etsy Shop

  1. I think it or say it almost every time you make a new quilt, “this is the most creative, most beautiful one Maria has made so far”. BUT THIS TIME, THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST CAPTIVATING QUILT YOU EVER MADE! You MUST have captured Gus’ magnetic, energetic spirit in all those amazing, swirling colors and patterns. Annie

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